I am a healer.  I help you identify emotional traumas you release in order to move forward on a clear path. I create a safe space for emotional release and a deep understanding of self to take place. 


I assist spirit with messages.  I live my life guided by the divine, my spirit guides, and higher-self lead me in the right direction every day. I help spirit help you find your life’s path and align with your authentic self. My work clears space for individuals to discover who they really are.


I believe we all can tap into our divine self.   All we need to do is clear up some of the denseness that keeps us stuck.  You can take control of your healing and awakening, and I am here to show you how. Through spiritual teachings, I will bring you ah-ha moments, and liberate your mind to unlock your connection to the DIVINE and lead you to reunite with your higher self.

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