The other day, I was having a moment. I was down and a little sad. I needed care, I wanted to talk to someone, but who would have space and time to hear me out? I wondered if it's time to hire a coach?

At the same time, I didn't know what was wrong with me. Should I call and talk to someone? What would that call be about? What, exactly, did I need?

When the feelings persisted, I decided to check in with myself. I sat in stillness. Gently, Spirit guided me to reach out to someone, anyone, and ask them about their day. I reached out to several friends and clients. After each text, I began to feel better.

I discovered I was feeling lonely. For many moms and those who work from home, a bit loneliness is reasonable. Seemingly, nothing is wrong, but isolation can have that effect. Sometimes our feelings just show up, and it is okay. I needed connection, so I created an opening.

We are in the habit of not expressing how we truly feel, responding to "how are you doing?" with a simple," I'm good." When we suppress our feelings, we miss opportunities for genuine human kinship.


My sense of loneliness led me to two lessons:

One. It is okay to have feelings, and it is okay to share them. I am a whole person with an array of emotions. I'm not broken, just human.

Two. We need to focus more on caring for each other. We are absent from our humanity. I want to be an example of loving unannounced. In doing so, my soul is a sanctuary for others, and I want to provide as much as I wish to receive.

If I am, and if we are here to be truly helpful, then caring and honoring our humanness is the only way forward. Our separateness is the only lack we have because I am convinced the only way to the other side is two-by-two.

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