Explaining GOD

I took my 6-year-old daughter to church for the first time. I had taken my 12-year-old before, but I don’t think he asked what we were doing, and I didn’t offer. This past Sunday, however, Charlotte ask when I told her we were getting dressed to go church, “What do you do at church, mommy?” I told her that at Unity North, they talk about God and love. She then asked, “What is God?” It took me a minute, but I replied: “God is everything.”

I never thought to teach them about God. My husband and I are not religious, we only ever talked about teaching them to be compassionate people, and I never equated that with God.

Charlotte’s birth was the beginning of my reintroduction to God. My healing was a journey back to self - the self before the world got a hold of me. What I discovered was my connection to God was there from the start. The trauma and conditioning of the world and my family got in the way. Children only know happiness, laughter, and curiosity, we are born with no-judgment, concerns, or fear. These ideas are taught. It isn’t intentional, our parents and their parents, and their parents before they teach from experience. No real ill intent. Just misinformation.

Charlotte gets the benefits of my understanding that she does not need protection from the world. She does not need to be weary at the age of 6 of all the dangers and harm. I understand that Charlotte is perfect as she is, and I am the one that needs to relearn from her how to be in the world, not the other way around.

Charlotte knows ( without my help) that she is like the trees, flowers, the moon, a beautiful representation of all that is good in the world. My job is to get her and Ben to adulthood with minimum damage.

Here is how I explained God to my son. We are are all one. We are tiny specs(representation) of this love with this light in human form. God/Source is not judging our performance, and we are not here to show or create meaning. We are only here to experience life. Our most magnificent job or role is to remember who we are and where we come from in all interactions. So that others may remember themselves as well. The key take away was - he is good, and he should share that goodness with others.

I am good, too, despite my forgetting and past. I don’t need to become or do anything to be this goodness in the world. I AM. And so are YOU, be still and know.

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