Fear Forward

Starting a business teaches you a great deal about yourself. Just deciding that you want something, and taking the first step in that direction is enormous. Sticking with your dreams is yet another accomplishment. It is important to note that all stages in the course of a calling or deep desire are equally remarkable because the FEAR that follows is just as significant. Author Stephen Pressfield said in Oprah’s book The Path Made Clear, “The more important an activity is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistance you will feel to it.” In my experience, anything worth having is at first feared. I started my business in February, and this was also the beginning of a new relationship with Fear. Fear told me that “I wasn’t ready”, that “ who was I to take this risk?”. As I keep pushing forward, Fear’s chatter continues. Despite the internal fight, I have become stronger on my path and in my determination to succeed. I’ve learned that when Fear is present, I am heading in the right direction. With each step forward, I renew my commitment to myself. My resolve to stay the course has made my internal guidance (my soul) relationship with me stronger, and I have gained a deeper trust within. Every major step in my life has included a new fear to conquer, not a stop sign or a turnaround, but a push to fight. I’ve learned to move past the blocks, even if it feels like a setback. And this is my path; this rollercoaster of emotions, this struggle to be better and live a life worth having is the journey. I tell my clients - our dreams are not mistakes; if it lives in you - it belongs to you. It is how our soul pulls us in the direction of our most profound truth. Fear is only a mile marker on the way to our highest vision.

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