I Surrender

I Surrender.

I surrender my constant doing. I surrender my need to be constantly busy. I surrender my need to grind.

This year, I set a goal to grow my coaching business. I was working it—doing all the things: creating events, networking (both in-person and on-line) and creating content for all the things. I was booking repeat clients and collaborating with peers on exciting projects. I was doing it. I was in the zone.

In this zone, I help people find peace in the flow of their own lives, but somehow, I seemed to be moving away from my peace. At first, I told myself that I would get back to my practice once I was earning enough. I would feel at peace and in the flow again once I got into a better routine. A part of me knew that would never be the case. Still, I could not let go of the goal—I still wanted to grow my coaching business. I was even working with candles to manifest more money and, in turn, more freedom.

The grind continued.

Then, it happened!

Here is how the manifesting showed up. Last week, my husband started a new job. This new job would require he spend more time in the office. His old job was more flexible and afforded me the freedom to go hard. He worked from home and provided the support I needed to see more clients, work out of different locations, and teach classes. With the new job, I would have to cut back my endeavors. I could get upset, feel sorry, or push ahead with the plan and drive myself nuts with worry about the unrelenting schedule of who will pick-up the kids, watch the kids, feed the kids, and all the rest. The energy in doing anything other than accepting my new role did not seem worth the sacrifice to my peace, my business, or the family. I surrender.

I am getting the freedom I asked for. It just showed up differently than I'd prayed for or imagined.

I have made it a practice to be aware of my life—to notice the signs. I yield to the shifts and allow for the support. Spirit is always answering our requests and prayers, and we have to be present to receive it in whatever form it comes. My only charge is to align with the new current. How freedom or money show is not my concern. I asked, it showed up, and now I have received.

Thus, I surrender, because I got what I asked for: freedom. I surrender because spirit knows best. I surrender because I secretly want a break. I am allowing life, spirit, God to show me another way. It is not easy to pivot, it takes practice. So surrender often, and witness miracles. 

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