10 Books that Changed My Life

“In the quiet of our life, we are called to follow our soul.”

My quiet call from the universe resulted in digging deep and healing parts of myself I had not met yet. One of my healing modalities of choice is books. I started my spiritual journey in 2015 immerses myself in other’s people stories and experiences as a way to teach myself to heal. Here are a few of the over 100 books I read that changed my life, healed my mind, and lead to my soul.

1.Conversation with God book 1, 2, and 3 - Neal Donald Walsh - in 2018 I read these three books. CWG sealed my understanding of what I had been feeling and experiencing throughout my journey of discovering and becoming. These books, including Awaken Species and Friendship with God, taught my connection to God/Source/Spirit was more than real; it is an extension of who I am. I am a divine being and these human experiences.

2. The Four Agreement - Don Miguel Ruiz - This was my entry into spiritual life, and I recommend it to all my clients as a starter book. The four agreements give a perfect foundation for living and greater discovery into the human experience. This book teaches how to tackle all situations in your daily life. An excellent daily companion for even the smallest encounter.

3. The Surrender Experiment - Michael Singer - I highly recommend this book. I love this book because it showed me not how to surrender but more importantly why I should. Singer explains that life is happening all around us and when we are connected and in alignment with who we are it’s a perfect dance. If we pay close attention, we notice the magic in allowing life to guide us in the direction of our soul’s greatest desires. It is all right there for the taking. The Surrender Experiment shows us that even in the darkest of days life is providing us with exactly what we need to grow and learn from this human experience. It is all part of the process. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the sublime is all life’s incredible magic.

4. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle - This was a game changer. It isn’t the most comfortable read, but it is profound — the Power of Now taught me how to separate my thoughts from the present moment. He teaches about accepting the moment as it is and not how our mind would prefer it to be. This book was all I needed to begin practicing not only being in the moment but also accepting the moment. All else causes suffering. Tolle is the reason I began a mindfulness practice. A real gift, if you’re ready.

5. A Seeker's Guide - Elizabeth Lesser - I love Elizabeth Lesser. Elizabeth shares her experiences as a seeker. She gave me a roadmap of what was ahead as I continue down the path of enlightenment. I understood through the seeker’s guide that part of what I was seeking was a full understanding of life. There is no destination; there is only the journey.

6. A Return to Love - Marianna Williamson - This is absolutely a classic in the self-help community. The theme of letting go and accepting the love that already lives within.This book helped me fill the gap that was left after I removed the conditioning of pain and anger.n“Only love is real, only love to exist” For me, this book helped me define what it means to be here and happy. The key is to return to love as soon as you can.

7. The Mastery of Love - Don Miguel - Like A Return to Love, this book reminds us to understand that the only thing we need to focus on is love. We don’t lack anything. We are full, we are whole, we already have everything we need, and it is that love that lives within. Fear, drama, and pain are all ideas, thoughts, we can release. Happy isn’t something you get; it is something you are. The fear of lack is replaced by knowing we have nothing to lose. We come with all we need. We just forgot this and the journey. The spiritual journey is coming back to this truth.

8. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself - Michael Singer - The book identifies the inner self and calls you to know that part of yourself. This book gave me tools to be more mindful, to seek to understand deeper. It helped me know meditation as a foundation on how to live with my thoughts. My biggest take away was: we are not our thoughts. We are the watcher. We are the observer of our lives. Knowing we are in control of how we feel, opens the door to freedom.

9. Broken Open - Elizabeth Lesser - Can you tell I have favorites? Elizabeth Lesser’s books are so relatable. She has been around great spiritual teachers, mystics, monks, famous yogi, gurus and is friends with Oprah. But still, she keeps it real. Lesser tells the story of her life in a way that makes us all feel worthy of transformation. She has the benefit of her life’s work to draw from and all the best, tools, but still life happens. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that horrible things, challenges and decisions don’t just happen to us ordinary folk, but all of us. That is the human experience. She shares about all the times life took a hard right when she wasn’t looking. These hard times are not meant to keep us on our knees. They are intended to transform us.

10. Destiny of the Soul - Michael Newton - after about two years of healing, I began wanting to understand more about my purpose. Why am I here? What is my goal? These thoughts are the natural next step to the healing journey. Destiny of the Soul helped me discover my gifts. Newton explains; our souls purpose on Earth, our soul connection, spirit guides, why we chose our bodies, families, and background. This book helped me put my life and my life’s events into context. This book opened the doors to my more in-depth understanding of life after death, how to navigate this life, and how my mind and body might process certain things.

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