Now is all there is

All there is - is happening right now.

This is a hard concept for our minds to understand. Constant contemplation of the past and planning or fantasizing about the future prevents us from being completely present. All we have is happening right now. All I can control is how I feel right now.

At the start of my spiritual journey, I just wanted peace. I liked the idea of having no thoughts. For six years, I have solely wanted to find solace from all the noise in the world.

My loop thoughts were filled with doubt and fear. I replayed past errors in judgment and missed opportunities. This would then lead to harsh critical feelings about myself. This pattern would repeat over and over again. When my mind wasn't being tough for all the things that went wrong and all the reasons, it was someone else's fault. It would obsess about the future.

I always worried that I would live an unfulfilled life, and everyone would know and judgment for it. I lived a life of intense internal suffering.

When I found the quiet space in my mind, my being six years ago, and it felt like heaven. I felt free. It set out to live there - and here is my journey began. Following this revelation - my practice has consisted of stillness (meditation) whenever I found the time (mornings is ideal) and mindfulness throughout the day.

A mindfulness practice for me is aware of my thought - not allowing myself to be on autopilot. Being cautious of thought patterns presented my emotional triggers. This includes allowing emotions to surface and releasing them once I've knowledged their presence. This process is healing, as our triggers are unhealed wounds.

In my years of practice, here is a list of some of the things I have learned.

  • I am not my thoughts - they are just stories I have used to reconcile my life

  • It is okay to honor my emotions even the painful ones

  • No one is thinking about me - everyone is experiencing on their own loop

  • Nothing is ever achieved from overthinking

  • I need nothing to feel happy - happiness is a feeling, not a destination

  • I am not my failures or accomplishments

  • In the absences of thought - life is always guiding me

  • I don't need to have all the answers - experience is better if we don't know

  • No one is out to get me

  • There is no right or wrong - life is

  • Kindness is always the answer

  • Contentment is hard - I am still getting used to not worrying

  • Every event and every encounter even the painful ones are for my greater good

  • God is in me, therefore, I see the good in everything

  • I am a representation of love

  • I cry in moments of bliss and sadness - crying is a brilliant expression of my humanness

  • The universe is always waiting for me to say Yes :-)

*I only named a few, and I am still only.

We live in a time when it is possible to self- actualize; however, I believe we are going about it incorrectly. Life is not about achievement, like society would have us believe. It is about remembering who we are -we are already all we seek to become. We need nothing to truly understand and be present with life. The call to experience freedom is always current and waiting for us to accept the invitation.