Psychic, Healer, Empath

My whole life, I have struggled with my ability to feel everything deeply. It is knowing other's true intentions and how they speak to themselves when no one is looking.

I'm a psychic empath. I do not use the term empath lightly, an empath that chooses a path of a healer - feels and absorbs others' emotions — an enormous responsibility. 

My "job" when someone comes to me for healing is to reveal their truth back to them gently. A difficult task isn't easy. Most people live in denial and firmly grounded in the stories they've constructed about themselves. To be human is a messy matter. We suffer all kinds of emotional trauma, including abuse, but also intentional or unintentional emotional neglect, soul-sucking jobs, break-ups, loss, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, and so many more wounds. 

So, psychic, healer, empath - what does this mean? By the way, there are many titles for the work that I do. Burja, Shaman, Intuitive (a term I prefer), a curandera (another name I like - traditional folk healer dedicated to curing physical or spiritual illnesses); this is part of my lineage. 

My most active psychic gifts are called clairsentient and claircognizance. Clairsentient means clear feelings, and claircognizance is clear knowing. Both come to me in the form of downloads to help my clients on their life path. 

I do have all the clairs - I can see images (clairvoyant), and on occasion, I hear (clairaudience) information during readings. I do not call myself a medium, although I am capable of this modality. But as a preference, I'm not particularly eager to work with the deceased. I do this all with the aid of spirit and angels. 

My purpose, as stated above, is to help others break the cycle of lies we believe about ourselves. The long list of hurts we think we have to endure. The world is a difficult place - pain and sadness are inescapable, and we don't know how to live with the difficulties of our human experience.  

Healing is not at all what we (collectively) think. What we want is to feel less isolated in this experience, and to feel like we belong in the cloud of uncertainty that is our lives. We want to know what it all means.     

As a spiritual coach, - I help make sense of your life. Together we work through where the lies come from, what life event intensified these false thought patterns. I teach you how to break the cycle of misinformation and blocked emotions that are a result of the trauma.

My work intends to teach others how to be here. How to be present in their lives and how to view life from a more thoughtful and compassionate perspective. Our traumas do have meaning. When we learn from our experiences, the more we settle in our Being in the here and now. 

No life is ever meaningless - all of life is an opportunity for higher knowing and awareness. All life has a purpose (more on this topic to come from spirit soon). 

As I commit to my healing, the more my abilities or gifts intensify. My connection to spirit deepens, and my soul expands in ways words can not describe. I have found meaning in these gifts I once hid.

The work of healing others is tough, and most days, I feel like moving to an island. Alas, my sensitive heart finally feels like she belongs. I don't know what will come, I don't have all the answers, but I am content knowing I am not alone and that this human experience is truly a gift. We are not victims of this place - we are spirit having a human experience.