The Process of Change

As a psychic the phrase I hear the most is “When is _____ going to happen?”

My answer is always the same “When are you going to make it happen?”

Nothing, absolutely nothing, not a mate, not a job, not even the winning lottery ticket is going to come and knock on your door. You have to go buy the ticket.

As a coach, the biggest grievance I hear is when are things going to change, but the real question is “when are you going to change?”

Our desires are on the other side of action. You can never become the marathon runner unless you run your first half-mile (or walk it). You are never going to become a published author until you start to write. Relationships in your life won’t change unless you do.

When talking to someone about their dreams, I often hear “I don’t know where or how to start” or “but how am I going to make it work? My response is always the same a) you do know where to start and b) how it will work does not matter. Starting and doing is the point.

The journey is unknown for most. Even the most successful people don’t know how anything is going to turn out. The key is starting and trying everything. And I mean try everything. How will you know what will work, what you will like, what you need to stay away from if you don’t try? Experience is the purpose. Changing and trying is the human experience.

Here is the other thing about trying - it is not going to kill you. No one is good at anything at first.

Trying and failing is better, and will bring you closer to your desire. However, never trying and being stuck and unhappy for the rest of your life is no way to live. If you are feeling stuck - take my advice - take a chance - try something - change something.

This is the journey. Life is change - change is happening all around us. It is up to you to join the process.

I am not suggesting you do something drastic. I am asking you to change one thing in your day. Something simple, for example instead of turning on the television and watching the same thing night after night. Go on Youtube and learn about that thing you want to finally start doing. If you want to finally meet someone - join a dating site or invite a friend to join you a bar or hotspot.

We overthink goals and resolutions. Small changes are better to achieve and keep than the big ones. A small commitment to yourself one day, one week, one month at a time is a much better use of the coming year.

Whatever it is you want or seek, please stop seeing it as something outside your reach. You are worthy of anything your soul desires, but you have to believe. Believing means moving closer to that vision. Lifelong transformations happen with one minor change and maybe that means finally believing you are deserving. Hopelessness and inaction will never provide you that but shifting one element of your every day will start the process of the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

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