The Soul's Journey

Our soul is infinite. It is not confined to our body. Our spirit is one with all things. We are more than our current life’s circumstances. What we are experiencing is only a fraction of the story.

Our souls are made up of peace and love and divine light, our only real mission on earth is to remember who we are.

Can we live life through our soul’s perspective?

Can we see the beauty in it all?

Or will we fall to the pain and heaviness of the world?

Our soul experiences pain, hardships, struggles, loss to fully understand what it means to be human. Spirit experiences emotions differently. We are love and light. The human experience gives the spirit a platform for growth. We learn lessons to understand and try again.

Depending on how many times the souls reincarnated, indicates how quickly lessons are learned or even it will experience life through the lens of oneness.

We (our spirit) come here with an outline of life and lessons to learn. Our personality, family, parents, appearance, relationships, and environment are all chosen for the specific life path.

Life is always happening for you, not to you.

Turning points in life are our soul's checkpoints to redirect and move the story along. Often we get stuck in the story our own lives. This is never the plan. The idea is that at during comfortable/painful periods we remember to turn to something bigger or higher than ourselves for guidance.

Spirit hopes that at this moment you remember you choose this life and this experience to deepen your connection to the other side. Thus remembering who you are and the ability to see past the pain and heaviness of the world around you.

At every turn, there are bumps or signs - these are our reminders. What we call gut feelings are a reaction to a connection and a faint recollection. What we call deja vu is again a remembrance of a clip into our lives we have already previewed.

Nothing happening in our lives is outside of our control. It only feels that way because we haven’t fully remembered that we are infinite divine beings - co-creating in the human experience.

The soul's journey is to live life as itself. Its purpose is to live the human experience knowing there is no end and all is one.

-Carolyn Monden

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